An academic department is measured in many ways, from the validity and innovation of its research to its ability to rigorously impart knowledge that is relevant to the workplace. The Department of Accounting in Covenant University is by every measure one of the finest in the nation. The Department offers an impressive range of courses to provide pragmatic, professional and theoretical training for careers in many different industries, teaching field and public sector. The Department’s academic programme is rich in depth and breadth. This flexibility coupled with outstanding academically and professionally qualified faculty members, made the accounting programme the most popular programme in the College of Development Studies in Covenant University.

There are statistics to support this claim. From the commencement of the University on 21st October in the 2002/2003 academic session the Department has had the largest number of applications for admission and students population. The outstanding qualities of the Department of Accounting, which have translated to a good number of first class graduates is well known to various communities, including corporations and organizations who have discovered these impressive qualities through our innovative Accounting Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (ASIWES) with industries and accounting firms, and a  unique accounting laboratory for accounting practical and software applications, the impressive depth and breadth of subject matter and academic leadership in the Department.

Some of our students pass their professional examinations like the ICAN-ATS, ICAN Professional, ACCA  while still in school. Some of them actually win prizes  in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria examinations at the ATS and professional levels respectively. The unique Accounting Laboratory, which has been equipped with over 100 units of personal computers, modern accounting software and statistical software packages has ensured that our graduates will continue to be at a competitive and professional cutting edge. This unique arrangement has led to a healthy and robust “marriage” between modern information technology and accounting as it is presently the practice in the USA, UK, Canada, etc. Students are exposed to the practical side of the use of the various accounting and statistical research packages in the Department of Accounting Laboratory.

The Department of Accounting began as a sub-unit in the Department of Business Studies on 21st October, 2002 with only one hundred and thirty-six (136) students and five (5) academic staff. All the academic staff were professionally qualified with one Professor of Accounting who is a Chartered Accountant. The staff position has been improving since then. Students also undertake industrial work experience in accounting firms, consultancy firms, banks, insurance companies, manufacturing firms and government establishments. The students’ population, as at the 2014/2015 academic year rose to four hundred and sixty The Department of Accounting has a range of courses which provides a solid understanding of the fundamental techniques and practices of modern accounting. Our curriculum reflects many years of teaching experience and is continually updated to incorporate the latest development in accounting and important innovations in academic research.